About us

Influencer—a term that tends to be loosely used in this dynamic, digital world. While technology makes sharing our ideas and showcasing our craft more democratic, it’s crucial to be responsible wielders of this power. It’s crucial to be smart about how we navigate digital media. It’s crucial to be authentic. It’s crucial to be anchored on a vision that’s bigger than yourself—a vision to inspire others to be their best selves and live their best lives.

Style—it’s not just the clothes you wear, but how you express yourself through what you wear and how you live. It’s about celebrating your uniqueness—across your life seasons—and leveraging on fashion, personal care, and culture to live with flair. It’s being on trend without being cliche. It’s living life with a zest not for the fleeting, but for timeless authenticity that goes beyond this year’s bag du jour.

At The StyleList.PH, we take the power of digital media seriously—we wanna take it to new heights with honest storytelling about interesting personalities who ooze with panache and inspiration, compelling visuals that spur your ingenuity, and relatable reporting on the latest fashion, beauty, and lifestyle trends. This is our space to give back and share what we’ve been blessed to learn about style and living in style—to motivate and move you to carpe diem your way through life.


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Content Head

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Business Manager