Stop Calling Her Sweet

Because there’s so much more to Bea Alonzo than her graceful beauty, flawless style, and good girl roles—see for yourself in this premiere edition of the styleList Inc. stories

Time check: 5:50 pm. After three outfit changes, layouts lounging on the armchair, crouched by the glass window, and jumping on the bed—all while decked in lush layers of tulle—for this special feature, Bea Alonzo is ready to head over to the premiere night of her latest film Kasal. Except that her outfit is still on its way. The exquisitely beaded sheer creation by Patty Ang which as we know by now looked stunning on Bea was sure well worth the wait, but what was more notable was how joyfully calm Bea was during the waiting. This, after multiple shoots for different platforms—there was just no hint of stress or agitation.

Perhaps because she was working with a reliable team she trusted so much. Perhaps because she was used to situations like this. Perhaps because she chooses to be kind over being stressed. Or perhaps all of the above. She’s no doubt at peace and it’s as if nothing would faze her, unlike her character Lia in Kasal, whose steadily soaring life was shaken by the re-emergence of a past love. Off-hand, we have a pretty good feeling that this film is far from your run-of-the-mill love story, far from the bliss buildup-conflict-happy ending formula we’ve become quite accustomed to. Basing off the trailer, there are quite a number of questions that’s bogging down our minds already (who is she marrying, really???, among others) and it’s interesting to see how this puzzle of a romantic story will surprise us with the answers. 

Kasal’s riddles aside, though, two new discoveries about Bea are already crystal clear after spending the past couple of hours with her: Her joyful calmness doesn’t stem from her being goody-two-shoes sweet; and that it seems like she’s being given less credit than is due her. Yes, she’s lauded because she’s a brilliant actress, she’s one of the most stylish women of her generation, she’s an in-demand product endorser, she’s easy on the eyes—sophisticated and ethereal at the same time... but, cliche as it sounds, there are many other sides of Bea you still ought to know. For starters, we’re challenging the common notion that she’s simple. And have we mentioned she’s not sweet? She said that so herself.

 Myth: Always put together and graceful, Bea is saccharine sweet.

Fact: “I hate it when people call me sweet,” she muses. While yes, she is a big fan of sweets, sweet is an adjective she doesn’t want to be associated with at 30 years old. She may generally portray good girl roles in her films and movies, but she’s a complex human being just like all of us, with a raw side, a free-spirited side, and even a dark side, which we’re about to see in her upcoming film with Charo Santos-Concio, Eerie.

Myth: Bea is a cold and intimidating presence—this lady has porcelain good looks and countless acting awards under her belt, after all, so she has the right to have her nose high up in the air.

Fact: Bea reveals that one common misconception about her is that she’s not warm enough as a person. The entire styleList Inc team and this writer can attest that while she looks elegant even when she’s dressed down, Bea is kind, kalog, and thoughtful (she even brought a cake to the shoot to surprise sLi’s Jay Sarmiento, who just celebrated his birthday!). 

bea 3b.jpg

 Myth: When you talk about seasoned actresses like Bea, it seems as if nothing will impress them anymore.

Fact: “[Derek Ramsay and Paulo Avelino] really surprised me in this project. I’ve always known Derek to be a competent actor pero sa mga eksena nya dito may iba talaga syang binigay—honestly, na nagulat ako. I’m so proud of Paolo, given his background sa independent films tapos nabigyan sya ng ganitong major role sa mainstream, he really pulled it off. Sobrang proud ako sa kanya happy ako that this role was given to him.”

Myth: Bea has always had everything figured out in terms of fashion and beauty!

Fact: Just like most (if not all) of us, Bea also has her share of style regrets. Case in point: Wearing heels during long haul flights, and donning this particular polka dot bikini in one of her movies. But her major OMG-I can’t-believe-I-found-those-cool anecdote? “Hindi ko alam bakit obsessed ako sa glitter sa mata ko dati, na nilalagay ko sya dito [inner corners of the eyes] na pangit pala, makapal na blush on—plus, oh my gosh kilay, one line na kilay—bakit ko pinagawa yun at pinaka-hate ko ay bolero! Bakit ba ano bang meron sa bolero [that I wore it a lot then],” she candidly shares.

Myth: Bea has had too many photo shoots already, the spark of excitement that comes from creative work like this has dulled for her.

Fact: “I like photo shoots because I get to be a character and just go with it—it’s like acting also. I don’t get tired of photo shoots—editorial and beauty shoots, these are my favorites,” Bea notes. We couldn’t agree more, what with how fast and fun it is working with her as she charms and romances the camera with every click of the shutter (I mean, just check out those photos!).

Myth: A major actress and celebrity like Bea will go for a big wedding as well.

Fact: Bea says she has always envisioned herself to be a simple and classic bride and to have an intimate ceremony. “But maybe it will be a destination wedding…”

Myth: Spontaneity is spelled as t-r-a-v-e-l! Well, Bea sure loves going on adventures…

Fact: But she says the most spontaneous thing she’s done is: “Fall in love—because it led me to heartache and happiness.”

bea 7b.jpg