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Don’t let her delicate looks fool you—more than her finesse on the catwalk and her chameleon-like posing prowess, Adela-Mae Marshall’s fiery determination and vision to help others be the best versions of themselves are bound to take her way beyond the chic territory of Asia’s Next Top Model Season 6

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Seeing Adela-Mae Marshall’s peaking performance on Asia’s Next Top Model Season 6, you’d be hardpressed to remember how she was almost always one of the weakest links at the start of the competition. You probably didn’t think she’d last in it for long—and neither did she.

“One of the comments I got a lot was on my need to be more spontaneous. We’re in this era where models are way past being just mannequins so I realized how important it is to show my true, candid self. The world of modeling is evolving—being happy, being yourself are crucial, too,” Adela shares.

The 21-year-old half-Brit, half-Filipina is no stranger to standing out in competitions, having placed second on Philippines Next Top Model, yet she admits that being around women of different nationalities, all of whom have got their modeling game faces on, coupled with her introverted nature, made it challenging for her to get her bearings at the start of AsNTM S6.

But she’s not one to just give up.

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“It’s an amazing opportunity and I didn’t want to regret, to tell myself, ‘Maybe if I tried a little harder…’ I didn’t want to take it for granted.” Take it for granted she certainly did not, as she pressed on week after week, pep talking herself through each and every challenge and through being away from her family.

Her Mother’s Daughter. Along with Adela’s rise to stardom is a fanbase of her own for her UK-based mother whose modeling roots run deep in Adela’s veins. It was actually her mom’s agent here in Manila that was very persistent in asking her to go to VTRs and castings, eventually convincing her to audition for fashion week.

“I’d like to think I’m following in her footsteps, but she says I will do better than her,” Adela enthused. Well, we have no doubt her mom’s proud of what she’s achieved—not just on AsNTM, but her determination to be remembered as a woman who helps other people be a better version of themselves.

Finding Her Way in the (Modeling) World. Having this desire to be a woman for others doesn’t automatically mean having the confidence to actually be full-on intentional in terms of relating to other people, as introverted Adela knows. “[Moving to the Philippines, I] learned very quickly that it’s up to me to be outgoing. It’s a tight-knit industry here, everybody knows each other, so if I want to be part of the community, I have to make the first move.” Today, the traces of timid Adela are long gone as she has found her niche here and has also fully embraced each person’s quirks. “I realized there’s no point comparing myself with others—in the competition, they picked us because of our individuality.”

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Proudly Filipina. “Amazing” is the word Adela uses to describe the opportunity to represent the Philippines in a regional competition. “It’s where my mother came from—hopefully I didn’t let anyone down,” she shares. With a spot in the final top three of the competition, she sure makes this tropical country proud… how can you not root for this raw beauty whose heart is in the right place? No frills, all determination to make the most out of what she’s been blessed with.

“I looked up to models but I never thought I could do it. This journey has been truly unique, making me realize much about myself and the beautiful world around me.”

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