How to wear the `70s, `80s, and `90s makeup trends in 2019

A new year means a brand new cycle of beauty trends to play around with. And much like fashion, beauty often looks to the well-loved trends of the past decades then brings it back and adds a modern touch. Last year’s blush draping was from the `80s while the recent brown lipstick trend is obviously from the `90s.

It’s no different this 2019, we’re still looking to the `70s, `80s, and `90s for beauty looks to revive. (How can we keep our eyes off these glorious decades?!) If you’re obsessing with any of these decades, here’s a professional makeup artist’s tips on keeping your #FOTD fresh while giving a nod to the past.


The decade: `70s

The look: Blue Cat Eye


 “I gave Adela a really vivid and shimmery blue cat eye using eyeshadow. I paired it with burnt orange matte lip color. That way, it still goes with the fun and playful vibe but I chose a matte finish for the lipstick so it wouldn’t steal the show from the shimmery blue eyeshadow,” says makeup artist Sydney Helmsley who created the looks for the whole editorial.


The decade: `80s

The look: Glossy and Glittery Pink Eyeshadow


“I made it colorful and playful. I added gloss on top of the pink eyeshadow . You can never go wrong with glitter and gloss!”


The decade: `80s

The look: Green Eyeshadow


“Another look from the `80s is the green cream eyeshadow. I used cream for more texture and to give it an editorial look.”


The decade: `90s

The look: Natural Tones


“This is a bit toned down than the rest. Definitely more on the earthy tones, I would say. I used more of the neutral and nude shades, so I went with brown for the lip color. Nothing too crazy for eye makeup. A touch of bronzer for that sun-kissed look. That’s something a lot of us do these days!” says Sydney.

Here are Sydney’s tips to keep the look 2019 appropriate:

“I made the skin glowy, glass-like to give it a modern feel. That’s the only thing I didn’t change. I even added freckles to give a more natural finish for the camera.”

Other beauty tricks to update your look:

 1. Let skin look like skin. The more matte and powdery, the more dated! You can wear a bold eye with bold lipstick if you keep your skin looking natural, as if you have no foundation on.

2. Go easy on your brows. Try to avoid very defined and chiseled brows. The more natural the canvas (AKA your face) looks apart from the bright colors or dark browns of these decades past, the more 2019 your beauty lewk is.

3. Hold off on falsies and eyeliner. There, we said it. It might be a difficult step to skip for ladies who are so used to doing a full face, but the latest beauty looks are veering away from the outright glamorous. A blue cat eye or green eyeshadowdoesn’t look overboard when there’s not a lot of eyeliner to go with it or heavy eyelashes. If you must, make sure to keep your eyeliner very thin and try more natural shades like brown or gray. Curl your lashes and use just a bit of mascara or even clear mascara if you just want to hold the curl.

Text by Ronna Capili Bonifacio
Photography by Charisma Lico 
Model: Adela Mae Marshall 
Makeup by Sydney Helmsley 
Hairstyle by JA Feliciano 
Styling by Jowi Guzman of styleList, inc. 
Fashion by Tilda 
Shot on location at Tomatito 
Tomatito Manila was designed by Max Trullas of MTM Design. 
Special thanks to Serge and Stef Rostoll