Why Beauty, Aivee?

The business of beauty is a very lucrative and mightily influential one—internationally-renowned dermatologist Dr. Aivee Aguilar-Teo safeguards it seriously, hinged on her personal convictions of integrity, authenticity, and excellence, and an unshakeable reason that sets her and her brand apart

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Of the numerous billboards along EDSA that are competing for your attention, you’d never see one that showcases the elegant cursive logo representing the initials of The Aivee Clinic. Capturing thousands of consumers stuck in traffic may seemingly be good exposure for any brand, but not something that the woman behind the eponymously-named clinic would leverage on.

“I believe happy patients and word of mouth are the best way to have longevity in this business. No-no’s would be just relying on advertising to drive patients to our clinics and patients just getting disappointed if they are unhappy with the results,” muses Dr. Aivee Aguilar-Teo, who has many of the country’s most beautiful faces on her list of loyal clients

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And there’s no doubt she has taken a smart route, letting her services speak for themselves—her Aivee Clinic treatments often make appearances in the Instagram stories and on the feeds of Kathryn Bernardo, Nadine Lustre, Bea Alonzo, Judy Ann Santos, and Heart Evangelista, among others. These beauties speak highly not just of the efficacy of The Aivee Clinic’s services, but more so of the personalized care Dr. Aivee and her staff extends to them.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: “But they’re celebs, they’ll get class A service of course.” Hold that thought, will you, because there’s also no lack of real people testimonies that relate The Aivee Clinic’s passion for topnotch service. Even the staff get alaga from management—you’ll spot signages across branches that say their staff should be treated with respect as well.

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”Integrity, authenticity, and excellence—these are very important values we’ve instilled in the business. We make sure that we have the most excellent clinics, have the most authentic treatments, and a staff that has integrity—all these help the patient to have a memorable experience,”
shares Dr. Aivee.

Stepping into any of her clinics is like going home, to a stylish home. From the first Aivee Clinic in BGC, to the second one at Mega Fashion Hall in 2014, and then a third one at Commercenter Alabang in 2015, to The A Institute at Forbestown BGC, a wellness center that combines dermatology with Hair Restoration, Plastic Surgery and Orthosports, slimming, and weight loss, and The Aivee Clinic in Vertis North in Quezon City, you will see that sophistication is a way of life for this chic power woman. But beyond her fascinating outfits and lifestyle, it is her passion to bring out the best in others that’s most remarkable. For years now, she has been carving out time to serve in a community in Las Piñas, conducting regular medical missions and even granting the residents free major medical procedures. She launched “Beauty Beyond Borders,” a program which aims to make beauty inclusive through projects that reach out to those in need.


“Beauty is bringing out the best in oneself and trying to be the best person you can be—both externally and internally. It’s loving oneself and being confident in spite of one’s flaws and imperfections,” she adds. An expert multi-tasker, Dr. Aivee has also been able to wield the power of digital media wisely using it to inspire women to dig deep by sharing her personal faith stories and devotions. Beauty is indeed more than skin deep where Dr. Aivee is concerned.

Many still find beauty as a concern or aspiration shallow and a waste of time or something frivolous, but a realization you will glean from Dr. Aivee’s life is that beauty is a blessing from the Lord that should be stewarded properly. It is celebrating what you’ve been gifted with, in the same way talents and intelligence should be celebrated. It’s a gift that should be shared to others.


Celebrating the gift of beauty and blessing others through it hand in hand with Dr. Aivee is her husband, an internationally-renowned dermatologist himself, Dr. Z Teo. “Like yin and yang, we complement each other. He being the risk taker, and me being more conservative. We balance each other out and our decision making has to go through both our minds before we come to an agreement. More often than not, this meeting of minds has led to rational and balanced decisions.”

They’ve become #couplegoals for many, but to their children, Ken Z, Kenzo, and Keli, they’re ever doting mom and dad who are committed to showering them with love and helping them be the best they can be. “To be like Aivee is to be passionate about God and family, being dedicated at work, and enjoying fashion, interior design and being around people.  Likewise, to be like Z is to love God, family, work, and the Liverpool football club.”


Their daughter Keli has been taking after her influential parents’ footsteps, having her own social media following and even a digital magazine cover. “At six years old, she’s already showing enthusiasm when it comes to beauty and fashion. I would always tell Keli to just be herself and don’t let anyone tell her otherwise. She is an individual of her own and I can see that she is very independent at a very young age and I am proud of her,” enthuses Dr. Aivee.

Whether you’re a beauty aficionado or not, Dr. Aivee is able to shed light on its true why as she inspires with her own why for doing what she does—and she does so without leaving any stone unturned. As she so beautifully puts it, “By combining our faith with our work, we allow our profession to be moulded by the values of Christianity. Knowing that whatever that has been put in front of us has been set apart by God for us to work on helps us to have a heavenly perspective that whatever we do, we do it for his glory. This helps us greatly in our approach to beauty, patients, and our general outlook of the business.”